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Grinder on metal

Bending and Cutting: Entrust Your Steel Projects to Professionals

Custom Parts

Looking for a specific part? Whether you are in Montreal, Ontario or even in the United States, the team at H. Milot Inc. is ready to serve you. We can manufacture any part you are looking for with our bending, cutting, polishing and welding equipme nt.


Please note that we do not do machining, but can refer you to appropriate manufacturers.

Fabricated Metals:


Stainless Steel





Oxy cutting



Bender 14' 400 tonnes

2 Benders 10' and 12' 250 tonnes equipped with CNC

Plasma cutting table 10' x 20' for thickness of 1 ½"

Oxy cutting torch


Roll ½" x 10 ¼ " x 10' 3/16" x 6'

Iron angle rolls 4" x 4" x ½" and 2 ½" x ¼" thick

4 Bandsaws

8 roller points

Blue reels, outside

Cable Reels

Quality steel products made to your exact specifications.

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