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The Leading Cable Reel Manufacturer in Montérégie

Consistent with Industry Standards

With our proven design and manufacturing experience, we offer a wide range of welded steel reels. Strong and customizable, our reels can be used for various applications, including cable storage. In addition, they meet industry standards, including those of the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) and the National Electrical Manufacturers  Association (NEMA).

Possible Applications:





Fibre optics

Various hoses

Manufactured According to Customer Requirements

We manufacture two types of reels: corrugated or structural. Corrugated reels are lighter and cheaper to produce. Structural reels, on the other hand, are heavier so they are more durable and more expensive.

Our team at H. Milot can advise you and suggest the most suitable model for your needs. For example, it is worthwhile to invest in structural reels if you plan to re-use them; otherwise it is better to opt for corrugated reels.


Manufacture of structural and corrugated reels

Refurbishment of reels (sandblast, paint, application of epoxy enamel)

Repair and reinforcement of reels

Reel Repair and Refurbishment

Take advantage of our reel repair and refurbishment services. This economic solution allows you to extend the life of your reels. Almost all parts of a drum can be replaced, sanded and repainted in your corporate colours.

Blue reels outdoors

Cable Reels

Quality steel products made to your exact specifications.

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